Release Notes

What are the release notes for QML v1.2.0?

  • Improved performance for parallel GEMM
  • Improved performance for Level-2 BLAS routines. More improvements in GEMV
  • Added support for ARM on Linux binaries for systems like DragonBoard
  • Several bug fixes

What are the release notes for QML v1.1.0?

  • Improved performance for 32-bit operations (SGEMM, STRSM, SPOTRF, SPOTRS, etc. for tiny sizes).
  • Added a new API for 8-bit integer convolution that utilizes the new dot-instruction in Snapdragon 855 for better performance.
  • Added option to control Heterogenous work partitioning of GEMM using an environment variable called QML_HET_RATIO.
  • Usage details can be found in the documentation.

What are the release notes for QML v1.0?

  • Renamed the library to Qualcomm Math Library (QML)
    • NOTE: qsml.h file is deprecated, but still included in the installer (will be removed soon). Please use qml.h instead.
  • Performance improvements of SGEMM, DGEMM, and SPOTRF for tiny sizes.
  • Performance improvements of parallel GEMM on SDM835, SDM845, etc.
  • Performance improvements for several Level-1 and Level-2 routines for tiny sizes.
  • Several bug fixes.