AllPlay Click Wireless Home Audio SDK

A product of Qualcomm Connected Experiences, Inc.

AllPlay Click SDK - Android

AllPlay Click SDK - iOS

The Qualcomm® AllPlay™ Click SDK, a product of Qualcomm Connected Experiences, Inc., is a collection of API documentation, sample source code and binary library to help developers create mobile apps that connect devices to make cross-brand media streaming a reality. It packs advanced audio capability into an easy to integrate, simple library. This allows developers and creators of Internet radio and music services to easily offer their users leading-edge use cases that work consistently across compatible devices, brands and platforms.

The AllPlay Click SDK makes it easy to integrate AllPlay capabilities into mobile apps and manage a consistent streaming sound experience across devices, speakers, and other accessories enabled by AllPlay. In addition to enabling streaming, the SDK also helps you integrate zone controls and group sinks, while eliminating the need to certify every audio sink device.

The Qualcomm AllPlay Click SDK enables:

  • Creation of applications that include music streaming services as users know and love them, with the ability to add in features that might encourage user stickiness 
  • Strengthen brand and optimize revenue generation from advertising and subscription upsells via an exceptional user experience 
  • A consistent consumer experience across an array of devices enabled by the AllPlay solution
  • Develop for both iOS and Android platforms