Adreno GPU Profiler

A product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
Please Note: Adreno Profiler has been replaced by Snapdragon Profiler. You should only use Adreno Profiler if you are using it for Adreno 2xx or 3xx platforms. For platforms with Adreno 4xx or newer, please use Snapdragon Profiler.

Adreno Profiler - 64bitAdreno Profiler - OS XAdreno Profiler - Linux

Analyze and improve the graphics and compute performance in your apps with the insights available from Adreno Profiler. This easy-to-use tool delivers comprehensive GPU performance analysis, simplifies debugging, and lets you optimize for maximum visual app impact.

Adreno Profiler offers per-frame analysis and real-time performance counter visualization for Android and Windows Phone devices. Other features include per-render call metrics, shader prototyping, and an override feature for easier performance experimentation. Adreno Profiler supports OpenGL ES, OpenCL, and DirectX APIs.