Development Devices

Development devices powered by Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processors or other Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. hardware is designed to give you early access today so that your apps and components will be ready when devices are available to consumers tomorrow. Designed specifically for developing applications requiring embedded-to-enterprise communications, Internet of Everything (IoE) / M2M development platform includes built-in cellular connectivity*. 

*Cellular connectivity availability subject to terms of your applicable network carrier.


The DragonBoard platform is a development kit based on the Snapdragon processor manufactured by our 3rd party vendors. The kit exposes the Snapdragon processor and lets you take advantage of pins, connectors, adapters and expansion headers to tap into its functionality in your own product development efforts.

Single Board Computers (SBCs)

A single-board computer (SBC) is a computer built on a single circuit board, with microprocessor(s), memory, input/output (I/O) and other functional features in the production-ready form factor. Snapdragon processors based SBCs are both development platforms and commercial solutions and is designed to accelerate development time for media-rich and smart embedded applications and devices.

Mobile Development Platform (MDP)

The MDP based on Snapdragon processors is an essential tool for developers who want to create, test, and optimize their apps against the performance and advanced features of the Snapdragon processors that will soon be commercially available in smartphones.

IoE Development Platform

The IoE development platform offers hardware and software for designing and building IoE/machine-to-machine (M2M) devices with built-in cellular connectivity*. The platform runs Java Embedded ME SDK and includes components used to build, test and prove cellular-enabled IoE/M2M applications.

IoE WiFi Development Platform

Qualcomm® Low-power Wi-Fi Development Platform for IoE, a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., is a comprehensive connectivity platform that is designed to enables the addition of full-featured, low-power Wi-Fi on virtually any product with minimal development effort and cost.