Whether you’re developing a new app, optimizing an existing one or expanding to new platforms, Qualcomm offers the support and technologies you need for development success.

Increase App Performance

The Qualcomm Developer Network’s performance tools are designed to help you ensure your application delivers superior performance. From system metrics and analysis to fix identification, to power usage, you have fast access to the information you need to optimize your apps efficiently and effectively.

Add Advanced Features

The Qualcomm Developer Network gives you access to our latest mobile innovations and functionalities, so you can create breakthrough experiences. With these tools, you have the ability to integrate facial processing, touch-free gestures, and augmented reality capabilities to your app or include powerful location-based services and mobile payment functionality. We offer fast access to the cutting-edge capabilities that grab consumers’ attention, keep them engaged, and give you new paths for monetization.

Create Connected Experiences

The Internet of Everything (IoE) opportunity is immense, and Qualcomm Developer Network is making it easier for you to explore, innovate and participate in the new ecosystem of connected experiences. The IoE represents an unprecedented business opportunity and a wide-open challenge to your imagination. What you create today may become part of an expanded experience tomorrow, as IoE-enabled devices proliferate and connect across platforms and OSs. As we think bigger together, everyone’s possibilities are growing. With these IoE tools, your creativity comes to the forefront. You have the support to innovate the experiences that will push the boundaries and transform how we live.

Maximize Hardware

Overcome development hurdles such as lack of battery and insufficient processing power by tapping into hardware-enabled functionality or off-loading tasks to specialized areas on the mobile processor. Plus, gain processing efficiency which means increased fluidity, low latency and superior app performance. Whether for mind-blowing gaming, breakthrough connectivity solutions, or simply more efficient apps, here you can find the tools to help you take full advantage of everything our hardware has to offer.

Development Devices

Shave weeks or months off your development time and get the competitive advantage that comes from having your apps ready for upcoming device launches. Development devices powered by Snapdragon™ processors or other Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. hardware are designed to give you early access today so that your apps and components will be ready when devices hit the market tomorrow. Designed specifically for developing applications requiring embedded-to-enterprise communications, Internet of Everything (IoE) / M2M devices includes built-in cellular connectivity*. *Cellular connectivity availability subject to terms of your applicable network carrier.

Emerging Technologies

Qualcomm Developer Network shares tools and information on the newest emerging technologies so you can see what they are all about. Keep your app development projects cutting edge with the latest and greatest -- from tinkering with robots with the Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor, to utilizing LTE Broadcast technology, Qualcomm is at the forefront of innovation.