Why Qualcomm Processors?

Qualcomm application processors are a comprehensive System-on-Chip (SoC) that adapt to user's needs to deliver a superior user experience and longer battery life. With the advanced processing power and concurrency capabilities of our application processors, you can run multiple advanced apps simultaneously with minimal drag on performance on your battery.

The Qualcomm processor has grown beyond just powering advanced mobile phones, and can now be found at the core of a wide range of smart IoT products and connected devices, including wearables, appliances, vision intelligence and smart audio products. Our suite of hardware and software solutions is designed to give you what you need to help you get the most out of devices powered by Qualcomm processors. Our SDKs, profilers and debuggers enable you to analyze and increase app performance, build innovative new features and create new connected experiences. We can even help you get started building devices of your own design, all the way from prototyping to production. If you’re building for the next generation of devices, you can already put the future in your hands by using development devices powered by our processors.


With high-quality processing cores, the optimized CPUs in Qualcomm processors are designed to help your apps work faster and smoother. The goal with all our CPUs is to bring world-class mobile experiences to life while intelligently managing battery life. But even the highest performing CPU can’t fulfill its potential without software that fully utilizes its features. Code compiled using the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ LLVM compiler will perform better on our processors because it features unique optimizations and bug fixes. Start improving your app performance today by downloading the Snapdragon LLVM Compiler for Android.


Graphic performance is an essential part of modern mobile experiences, and that’s why our Qualcomm Application processors feature the ground-breaking Qualcomm® Adreno™ graphics processing unit (GPU). Adreno is the powerhouse behind the most advanced mobile graphics out there, accelerating the rendering of complex geometries in games, user interfaces and web browsers. Optimize your apps for the Adreno GPU by downloading the Adreno SDK, which includes tools, libraries, samples, documentation, and tutorials for creating immersive mobile gaming experiences. You can also use the Adreno Profiler to analyze and optimize graphics performance in your apps. The profiler has features including hardware based performance counters, per-render call metrics, shader prototyping and more.


Running the appropriate task on the most suitable processing engine delivers performance benefits for you as a developer. That’s why we built the Qualcomm® Hexagon™ DSP, designed to optimize modem and multimedia applications, and with features including hardware-assisted multithreading. The Hexagon SDK lets you to get the most out of the DSP, providing a complete environment to generate dynamic Hexagon DSP code modules, and giving you access to embedded computing resources on the Hexagon DSP. The SDK is designed to help ensure processing efficiency, which means increased fluidity, low latency, and superior app performance.