Gaming & Graphics

The Qualcomm Technologies suite of hardware and software tools allows you to deliver immersive, console-quality games and graphics on mobile devices. And with over a billion Snapdragon devices worldwide, our optimization tools can help you show the world what your games can do. Snapdragon processors feature the Adreno GPU, which accelerates the rendering of complex geometries to drive a level of performance to meet the most advanced gaming and graphics demands. We provide Adreno™ SDK as a tool, which offers a great starting point for your graphics and compute application development and Snapdragon™ Profiler serves as the perfect tool for maximizing the performance and efficiency of your applications on Adreno GPUs. You can also use Snapdragon Heterogeneous Compute SDK to better utilize the heterogeneous computational abilities of Snapdragon Processors including the Adreno GPU. Explore our full range of tools and take your mobile games to a whole new level.

3D Mobile Gaming

3D experiences make gaming more immersive and more engaging, and this is especially true of games powered by Snapdragon processors. Our Snapdragon processors harness the power of the integrated Adreno GPU to support top-quality 3D games on mobile devices. The Adreno SDK, which includes tools, libraries, samples, documentation, puts this power in your hands, allowing you to make the most of your 2D and 3D games across a wide range of devices. You can also use the Snapdragon™ Profiler to analyze and optimize graphics performance in your apps. It provides per-frame analysis and real-time performance counter visualization for Android.

Graphics Performance

Graphics are an increasingly important part of mobile experiences. That’s why Snapdragon processors feature the Adreno GPU, which helps you reach the level of high-quality graphics that you expect from the most complex and realistic applications. It also equips you with unbeatable power efficiency and performance. The latest Adreno GPU also supports the Android Extension Pack, which includes graphics features previously exclusive to gaming consoles, like geometry shading and dynamic hardware tessellation. You might expect this level of performance to be power-hungry, but you can use the Adreno Profiler to optimize graphics performance in your apps. The Snapdragon LLVM Compiler also allows you to maximize native code for Android, helping you enjoy even better performance and power usage than ever before. These tools help you get the most out of mobile devices powered by Snapdragon processors, delivering amazing graphics experiences without ever sacrificing performance.