Embedded Computing

Make the next generation of embedded systems more aware, connected, intelligent and interactive with the portfolio of hardware and software solutions on Qualcomm Developer Network. Qualcomm® Application processors for embedded deliver superior performance, low power consumption and support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS connectivity. Our extensive range of software tools helps add advanced multimedia features and unique experiences, such as virtual reality, to embedded devices. Whether prototyping new innovations, or scaling production to reach new customer opportunities – there’s a suite of tools, development platforms and off-the-shelf modules that can help build on industry-leading performance and energy efficiency to deliver jaw-dropping connected experiences.


We're helping robotics start-ups all around the world build tomorrow's intelligent machines today. Build a miniature satellite and collect GPS data from space or program a live robot to learn using 3D vision, our application processors make the next generation of robotic experiences possible. By using our computer vision library, FastCV, robots can recognize and interact with the world around them. Whether its drones or droids, our suite of developer tools can help make giant leaps towards realizing pioneering robotics ideas – all the way to commercialization.

Medical Devices

Run clinical lab tests in a matter of minutes or provide in-home medical care with a portable medical device. Qualcomm application processors allow developers to build intelligent healthcare solutions at the cutting edge of medical technology.


Qualcomm application processors provide the ideal platform for creating high-performance digital signage. Digital advertising displays are now easier to develop, including incorporating innovative custom features like panoramic 360-degree views, gesture and facial recognition, augmented reality and proximity-based services. The Qualcomm® Hexagon DSP, which is built into various Qualcomm processors, drives low-power, high-performance multimedia support, while the Qualcomm® Adreno GPU and supporting software tools helps deliver incredibly rich graphics and enhanced visuals.