Android Development

Did you know that there are more than one billion Android devices powered by Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processors worldwide from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.? Here, at Qualcomm Developer Network, we provide a full set of hardware and software tools, helping developers like you build high-performance apps and unlock the potential of devices powered by Snapdragon. Our software tools include SDKs, profilers, debuggers and code compilers, which let you to get the best power and performance out of the latest devices and also integrate cutting-edge features in your apps. Create, test and optimize your latest apps and games by taking advantage of the unmatched performance and advanced features of next-generation Snapdragon processors.

Increasing Performance

Are you seeking an easy way to improve the performance of your Android apps? The Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Profiler is a comprehensive software suite designed to help you visualize, analyze and correlate the impact of detailed CPU and system data against the performance, power, thermal and network usage of your Android app. Snapdragon Profiler is one of the most extensive system profiling tools available for Android developers. The tool shows you how your application utilizes the underlying hardware and software system on commercial devices powered by Snapdragon processors. Using Snapdragon Profiler you can identify the bottlenecks and focus on for optimization of your apps. In addition to performance, this tool also provides insights into power, thermal and network usage. The tool supports three different modes, Realtime, Trace Capture, and Snapshot Capture, which give you a robust analysis to help optimize the performance and power usage of your Android applications on devices powered by Snapdragon processors.

Compiling Code

The Snapdragon LLVM Compiler is a C/C++ compiler that is becoming increasingly popular, enabling a broader range of compiler configurations, providing for better performance and power usage – particularly on Snapdragon micro-architectures. LLVM is suitable wherever you use native code (C/C++), and performance gains have been seen for a variety of Android applications and libraries when compiling with LLVM. In our tests, the C version of the Android jpeg library performs 10% faster on Snapdragon-based devices when built with the Snapdragon LLVM Compiler compared to the latest NDK GCC version.


Is it possible to develop native C/C++ Android apps using the Android NDK, while staying within your favorite IDE where you’re comfortable?

The Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Debugger for Visual Studio is a plugin for creating and debugging Android NDK apps in Microsoft Visual Studio, which can be used with a variety of APIs for debugging devices powered by Snapdragon processors. It supports Android NDK application debugging.

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Debugger for Eclipse is a plug-in for debugging native C/C++ code and OpenCL kernels on Android devices.

These debugger tools simplify debugging of your code on Snapdragon powered Android devices. Using these Eclipse and Visual Studio plug-ins, you can see what’s happening in real time as your application runs on the device plugged into your PC, helping to shorten development time.

Power Optimization

When you need information about how your Android app performs on device, in real-world scenarios, an emulator is just not going to do the job you need. Using the Snapdragon Profiler which runs on desktop and Trepn™ Power Profiler, which actually runs on the Android device, you can quickly see the impact of your programming choices relative to power, performance and efficiency directly on the smartphone. You will have immediate access to the data you need to optimize your code.

Android Development Kits & Devices

Ready to push your next Android app or game to the very limits of the latest technology? That starts with testing your apps with the right hardware. Our Android device development kits (MDP tablets and smartphones), based on Snapdragon™ processors, give you access to top-performing tools that demonstrate the true potential of your apps. When combined with the associated suite of software tools, these kits make it easier than ever to locate and resolve performance bottlenecks, so your applications perform as well as possible.