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SDK 2.7.0 BLE 5.2
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Posted: Fri, 2021-02-19 09:43


Just read in the new CSR1010 datasheet that it is compliance with BLE 5.2 when usind SDK 2.7.0.

1) Where can I find SDK 2.7.0 only 2.6.x is available ?

2) What are the BLE 5.2 features supported by CSR1010 BLE 5.2 ?

3) What are the key differences from CSR1010 BLE 5.2 and  CSR1020 BLE 5.0 ?

4) Will CSR1020 evolve from BLE 5.0 to 5.2 ?

Note : We already have a BLE 4.1 module developed with CSR1010


JCNunes - VLA Soltuions (Qualcomm's Sales Rep in Brazil).


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Posted: Fri, 2021-02-19 20:56

Hi JC,

The SDK 2.7.x is not yet released as it is pending BT SIG qualification. We hope that it would be released soon.

There will be no new features with the BT 5.2 complicance. Only the Errata from the spec will be implemented. Please note that its is not required for a device to provide all features such as LE Long Range, 2M PHY, etc to be complied with BT 5.2. Only mandatory features will be supported. This should be described in SDK Release note, when made available.

I believe that CSR102x supports some advanced features like Data Length Extentions. It also has fould link controllers whereby it can maintain concurrent connections with up to 4 devices. So over all its a feature rich silicon and has more features compared to CSR101x. On the down sides, the RF Tx Power in capped to only 4dBm compared to 9dBm in CSR101x. Sleep current is also better in CSR101x.

CSR102x will not evolve any further.


Abhishek Ghosh

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Posted: Mon, 2021-02-22 05:48

Many Tks Abhishek ,

Loking forward to SDK 2.7.x   and understand the SDK release notes. Thanks also for the head up.... I'm fully aware LE, 2M will not be supported with this silicon,  but having the change to upgrade the module already developed with BLE 4.x and claim it is BLE 5.2 compliance may make a lot of difference for some customers/application.




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