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Updated 24 Jan 18
Optionally accepts and fuses GPS data in Visual-Inertial Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (VISLAM).
Updated 27 Sep 17
Adds Stereo Auto-Calibration (SAC)
Updated 27 Jun 17

A few sample applications are also included in the package. These sample applications are either real-time applications or offline playback applications. The playback applications use the sequences logged in the format from the SRW feature, and mvCapture is a sample real-time application to log sequences in the format supported by the SRW feature.

Updated 28 Apr 17

The machine vision (MV) SDK is a C programming API comprised of a binary library and some header files.

Sample application source code is also included in the package to support the following:

  • Visual-Inertial Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (VISLAM)
  • 6-DOF pose relative the initial pose
  • 3D point cloud based upon tracked feature points


To use the MV SDK, you will need to get a community license. The license file will be e-mailed to you shortly after downloading the machine vision SDK.

Note: It may take up to 1-2 business days before you receive your key. If after 2 full business days you still have not received your key, please contact us.


The MV SDK has the following minimum dependencies:



Updated 24 Jan 18