Development Kits & Reference Device Kits


Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. is working with an ecosystem that supports our LTE IoT SDK to help address the need for continued IoT adoption. These vendors utilize our mobile platforms and the LTE IoT SDK to deliver Development Kits and Reference Device Kits.

LTE IoT Development Kit suppliers:

Listed here are general purpose development kit suppliers that support our LTE for IoT SDK. These general-purpose development kits can be used to prototype interesting use-cases by connecting relevant sensors through connectivity options provided by the hardware.

LTE IoT Reference Device Kit suppliers:

Listed here are suppliers of Reference Device Kits that support our LTE for IoT SDK. These kits are pre-integrated with relevant sensors and accessories for various IoT use cases.

  • Gizwits GoKit
    For use with water, air quality, smoke detector, and soil moisture and temperature sensors.