Tutorial Videos

NOTICE: DragonBoard 410c is a legacy product, and no longer has technical support from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. All materials are for reference only, and will not be updated.

Reflash the DragonBoard™ 410c
There are times when you may need to reflash your DragonBoard 410c to reset and start over with your development. This video will show you the steps you can take to reflash the board utilizing the SD card method.

Connectivity setup for DragonBoard 410c with an HDMI monitor
This video will show you the initial connections and booting Linux on DragonBoard 410c with an HDMI monitor. Additionally, we will show you how to connect to a Wi-Fi network, pairing with Bluetooth devices, and finding the IP address of DragonBoard 410c for remote PC access. Finally, we highlight how to access the Getting Started projects to get you up and running with the DragonBoard 410c.

Setting up Connectivity for DragonBoard™ 410c without an HDMI Monitor
In some development environments such as Hackathons you may not have access to an HDMI monitor, but that shouldn’t stop you from using the DragonBoard 410c. This video shows the steps you can take in this situation, including how to connect to Wi-Fi when faced with clicking through an interstitial terms and conditions page.

Modifying Kernel for UART Configuration on DragonBoard™ 410c
In this tutorial you’ll learn how to make kernel changes and rebuild to configure low-speed UART on the DragonBoard™ 410c featuring the Qualcomm® APQ8016e application processor, which in this video is running Android.

Using GPIOs on low speed connector on DragonBoard™ 410c
In this tutorial where we are running Android, you’ll learn how to export and toggle the GPIO pins on the DragonBoard 410c, featuring the Qualcomm APQ8016e application processor. We’ll end the tutorial showing you how to use the GPIO pins to connect and blink an LED.

Interfacing I2C Grove Digital Light Sensor on DragonBoard 410c
This tutorial video provides a detailed step-by-step process for how to Interface an I2C sensor and make kernel changes for the DragonBoard 410c, which features the Qualcomm 8016e application processor.

96 Boards Open Hours: DragonBoard 410c Video Series

Part 1 (Out of the box)
This OpenHours video highlights the out of box experience for a new DragonBoard 410c. The video also reviews how to flash a new operating system using the SD card installation method and concludes with questions from the community

Part 2 (Demo with Lawrence King)
This episode of OpenHours introduces Lawrence King as one of the core creators of the DragonBoard 410c. Lawrence talks briefly about his background, the history of the DB410c, as well as his role in its development. After the interview, there is a demo of a "Breaker Ball" game in which Lawrence breaks down the different layers of code and 96Boards hardware used to bring this game to life.

Part 3 (Live at Linaro Connect)
This episode of OpenHours was recorded live at the Linaro Connect event in Las Vegas, Nevada. A panel of developers, engineers, community members, and 96Boards team members are together on stage to take questions from a room full of attendees as well as an online global audience.