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Qualcomm Life is mobilizing health care to improve lives and advance the capabilities of medical devices. Qualcomm Life is focused on device connectivity and data management, empowering medical device manufacturers to deliver wireless health quickly and easily to those who need it.

Qualcomm Life offers a set of comprehensive developer tools to access its platforms.

2net Platform
The 2net Platform is designed for maximum security and interoperability offering a menu of plug-and-play wireless health solutions that work within an enterprise grade infrastructure. Solutions developed using this platform can be rapidly deployed and scaled so that organizations can quickly meet their remote monitoring and care management goals.

2net Hub
The 2net Hub is a gateway used to access the 2net Platform’s data center, delivering an enhanced level of short-range radio flexibility (Bluetooth, Bluetooth Smart, Wi-Fi and ANT+™), security, interoperability, and seamless data transfer. It also serves as the corridor for machine-to-machine (M2M) medical device connectivity.

2net Mobile
2net Mobile is one of the most comprehensive, open, wireless health solutions of tested and validated biometric sensors and mobile devices in the mHealth industry. It provides a secure, gateway to the cloud-based 2net Platform. 2net Mobile helps enterprises reduce the cost and complexity of mobile application development and backend device integration – all while accelerating speed to market. With 2net Mobile, consumers are able to conveniently monitor, track and transmit data from a smart phone or tablet anytime, anywhere enriching the remote care experience.

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