Towards AI at the Device Edge

Data is at the heart of modern business, providing real-time insight and control over day-to-day operations. This is facilitated by the explosion of the Internet of Things (IoT), with billions of devices collecting zettabytes of data . As IoT grows, so does the amount of data to be processed.Download
the eBook
This means sending data to centralized cloud servers for processing, along with concerns over latency, bandwidth, and security, is driving the demand for processing and intelligence close to or even at the very point where the data is collected – at the edge.

From smart cities, smart factories, wearables, and in-home automation, combined with the convergence of machine learning (ML) algorithms, edge devices with onboard AI processors, advances in sensor design, and next-generation communication technologies like 5G, are spawning a shift towards AI at the device edge.

In this eBook, we discuss what it means to process AI at the device edge, and highlight tools to get you started.