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CPU's "Read total" / "Write total" (bytes/sec) from/to system memory (DDR) from snapdragon profiler
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Posted: Fri, 2018-11-02 04:24

Hi Team,

We are working on SDM 845 HDK and using snapdragon profiler and would need the CPU's "Read total" and "Write total" (bytes/sec) from/to system memory (DDR) as similar to what we get for GPU memory statistics. Could you please help us out in enabling this option/way in snapdragon profiler for CPU to read total and write total from/to system memory?

As we are intended to know total read and write bandwidth for all DRAM channels from CPU/GPU/DSP all together, we would request you to provide information on the rate at which CPU/DSP reads/writes from/to the system memory (LPDDR).

Also, we think, it is possible in snapdragon profiler to collect DDR frequency and DDR utilization (bytes) in memory performance area and Avg memory latency cycles in GPU performance. Could you please help us in getting these options enabled in profiler?

Kindly take this request to utmost priority which is of a serious concern to our project execution and please suggest us in enabling options to get the desired metrics from CPU and additionally, we also look for the below metrics as well from snapdragon profiler. 

->R/W byte size from each DRAM channels 
->DRAM memory addresses where CPU/GPU/DSP actually reads from/writes to. 
-> Overall R/W bandwidth of all DRAM channels consumed by CPU/GPU/DSP all together 
-> Avg. memory latency cycles from GPU memory statistics 
-> DDR frequency. 

Kindly revert back to us with your comments for the above concerns as early as possible since this request is highly critical with respect to top management's view.



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Join Date: 18 Sep 18
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Posted: Mon, 2018-11-05 01:14


Can we get any update for this forum post?

We are in urgent seek of getting these information. Kindly help us.


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