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snpe-pytorch-to-dlc fails to convert ConvTranspose2d layers
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Posted: Wed, 2022-08-03 23:44

When trying to convert a pytorch model having a single node of type ConvTranspose2d - snpe-pytorch-to-dlc crashes.

SNPE Version:

Code to create the model:

import torch
import torch.jit
import torch.nn as nn
class Net(nn.Module):
    def __init__(self):
        super(Net, self).__init__()
        self.conv1 = nn.ConvTranspose2d(4, 6, 5, dtype=torch.float32)
    def forward(self, x):
        return self.conv1(x)
net = Net()
input_shape = [1, 4, 32, 32]
input_data = torch.randn(input_shape)
script_model = torch.jit.trace(net, input_data)"")
Command line to run snpe-pytorch-to-dlc
snpe-pytorch-to-dlc -i -d x 1,4,32,32


Error message

2022-08-04 09:40:38,641 - 2972 - WARNING - Untyped Tensor found, assume it is float32
2022-08-04 09:40:38,694 - 272 - INFO - Using injective.cpu for layout_transform based on highest priority (10)
2022-08-04 09:40:38,725 - 272 - INFO - Using injective.cpu for expand_dims based on highest priority (10)
2022-08-04 09:40:38,749 - 272 - INFO - Using injective.cpu for expand_dims based on highest priority (10)
2022-08-04 09:40:38,775 - 272 - INFO - Using injective.cpu for layout_transform based on highest priority (10)
2022-08-04 09:40:39,160 - 209 - ERROR - Encountered Error: Traceback (most recent call last):
  15: TVMFuncCall
  14: std::_Function_handler<void (tvm::runtime::TVMArgs, tvm::runtime::TVMRetValue*), tvm::runtime::TypedPackedFunc<void (tvm::RelayExpr, tvm::runtime::PackedFunc)>::AssignTypedLambda<tvm::relay::{lambda(tvm::RelayExpr, tvm::runtime::PackedFunc)#1}>(tvm::relay::{lambda(tvm::RelayExpr, tvm::runtime::PackedFunc)#1}, std::string)::{lambda(tvm::runtime::TVMArgs const&, tvm::runtime::TVMRetValue*)#1}>::_M_invoke(std::_Any_data const&, tvm::runtime::TVMArgs&&, tvm::runtime::TVMRetValue*&&)
  13: tvm::relay::PostOrderVisit(tvm::RelayExpr const&, std::function<void (tvm::RelayExpr const&)>)
  12: tvm::relay::ExprVisitor::VisitExpr(tvm::RelayExpr const&)
  11: tvm::relay::ExprFunctor<void (tvm::RelayExpr const&)>::VisitExpr(tvm::RelayExpr const&)
  10: tvm::relay::ExprVisitor::VisitExpr_(tvm::relay::FunctionNode const*)
  9: tvm::relay::ExprApplyVisit::VisitExpr(tvm::RelayExpr const&)
  8: tvm::relay::ExprVisitor::VisitExpr(tvm::RelayExpr const&)
  7: tvm::relay::ExprFunctor<void (tvm::RelayExpr const&)>::VisitExpr(tvm::RelayExpr const&)
  6: tvm::relay::ExprVisitor::VisitExpr_(tvm::relay::CallNode const*)
  5: tvm::relay::ExprApplyVisit::VisitExpr(tvm::RelayExpr const&)
  4: tvm::relay::ExprVisitor::VisitExpr(tvm::RelayExpr const&)
  3: tvm::relay::ExprFunctor<void (tvm::RelayExpr const&)>::VisitExpr(tvm::RelayExpr const&)
  2: tvm::relay::ExprVisitor::VisitExpr_(tvm::relay::CallNode const*)
  1: std::_Function_handler<void (tvm::RelayExpr const&), tvm::relay::{lambda(tvm::RelayExpr, tvm::runtime::PackedFunc)#1}::operator()(tvm::RelayExpr, tvm::runtime::PackedFunc) const::{lambda(tvm::RelayExpr const&)#1}>::_M_invoke(std::_Any_data const&, tvm::RelayExpr const&)
  0: std::_Function_handler<void (tvm::runtime::TVMArgs, tvm::runtime::TVMRetValue*), TVMFuncCreateFromCFunc::{lambda(tvm::runtime::TVMArgs, tvm::runtime::TVMRetValue*)#2}>::_M_invoke(std::_Any_data const&, tvm::runtime::TVMArgs&&, tvm::runtime::TVMRetValue*&&)
  File "/home/gershon/qc/snpe-", line 81, in cfun
    rv = local_pyfunc(*pyargs)
  File "/home/gershon/qc/snpe-", line 465, in visit_module
  File "/home/gershon/qc/snpe-", line 452, in add_op
    translation.add_op(expr, QUIR_GRAPH, converter_context=CONVERTER_CTX, relay_params=RELAY_PARAMS)
  File "/home/gershon/qc/snpe-", line 61, in add_op
    attr_dict = self.extract_attributes(relay_expr, relay_params)
  File "/home/gershon/qc/snpe-", line 448, in extract_attributes
    raise ValueError("Unsupported kernel layout {}".format(conv_attrs.kernel_layout))
ValueError: Unsupported kernel layout HWIO


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Posted: Sat, 2022-08-06 19:53

Dear developer,

SNPE pytorch supported ConTranspose2d, Could you please help to check the encoding value about this ops as below?



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Posted: Mon, 2022-08-08 01:18


the ConvTranspose2d op is documented as supported; however actually it is not.

I have attached a simple Python script to create a Pytorch scheme + command line arguments to convert it.

Can you please either tell me what am I doing wrong or fix the bug in snpe-pytorch-to-dlc ?


Best regards,




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