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DSP Runtime Error When Benchmarking
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Posted: Wed, 2019-08-14 02:17


I am trying to benchmark my dlc model on a OnePlus 6T using The benchmarking works fine on the CPU and GPU but does not run on the DSP. I get the following trace:

ERROR - snpebm.snpebm_device: ['The selected runtime is not available on this platform. Continue anyway to observe the failure at network creation time.']
ERROR - snpebm.snpebm_device: ['Detected Symphony redirected with a file, using standard error for all debugging output', '\x1b[36mA tf45f9494 /home/host/build/arm-android-clang6.0/SecondParty/symphony/src/symphony/src/lib/internal/soc/qti_soc_freqs.h:28 Unable to read from /sys/class/kgsl/kgsl-3d0/gpu_available_frequencies\x1b[0m', '\x1b[36mA tf45f9494 /home/host/build/arm-android-clang6.0/SecondParty/symphony/src/symphony/src/lib/internal/soc/topology.c:450 [WARNING] Unable to determine the GPU topology. All power control for GPU will be silently ignored.\x1b[0m', 'error_code=500; error_message=Target runtime is not available. No viable runtimes available.; error_component=Host Runtime; line_no=311; thread_id=-195062636']

Digging into adb logcat I get the following error messages:

D /data/local/tmp/snpebm/artifacts/arm-android-clang6.0/bin/snpe-net-run: vendor/qcom/proprietary/commonsys-intf/adsprpc/src/fastrpc_apps_user.c:1638: Error 0x68: apps_dev_init failed. domain 3, errno Permission denied
D /data/local/tmp/snpebm/artifacts/arm-android-clang6.0/bin/snpe-net-run: vendor/qcom/proprietary/commonsys-intf/adsprpc/src/fastrpc_apps_user.c:1722: Error 68: open dev -1 for domain 3 failed
D /data/local/tmp/snpebm/artifacts/arm-android-clang6.0/bin/snpe-net-run: vendor/qcom/proprietary/commonsys-intf/adsprpc/src/fastrpc_apps_user.c:958: Error 3b: remote handle64 open failed. name file:///
D /data/local/tmp/snpebm/artifacts/arm-android-clang6.0/bin/snpe-net-run: vendor/qcom/proprietary/commonsys-intf/adsprpc/src/fastrpc_apps_user.c:550: Error 1d: verify local handle failed. handle 0xff8e1458
D /data/local/tmp/snpebm/artifacts/arm-android-clang6.0/bin/snpe-net-run: vendor/qcom/proprietary/commonsys-intf/adsprpc/src/fastrpc_apps_user.c:565: Error 1d: get domain from handle failed. handle 0xff8e1480
D /data/local/tmp/snpebm/artifacts/arm-android-clang6.0/bin/snpe-net-run: vendor/qcom/proprietary/commonsys-intf/adsprpc/src/fastrpc_apps_user.c:873: Error 1d: remote handle64 invoke failed. domain 3, handle 0xff8e14c0, sc 7000100, pra 0xff8e14e8
V /data/local/tmp/snpebm/artifacts/arm-android-clang6.0/bin/snpe-net-run: vendor/qcom/proprietary/commonsys-intf/adsprpc/src/fastrpc_apps_user.c:1463: fastrpc_shell_3 load failed 45, searching...
E libc    : Access denied finding property "vendor.fastrpc.process.attrs"
E libc    : Access denied finding property "vendor.fastrpc.debug.trace"
E adsprpc : src/rpcmem_android.c:180:rpcmem: use of RPCMEM_HEAP_DEFAULT/RPCMEM_DEFAULT_HEAP is deprecated,
E adsprpc :      please use RPCMEM_HEAP_ID_SYSTEM for SMMU memory and RPCMEM_HEAP_ID_CONTIG for CMA memory
E adsprpc : src/rpcmem_android.c:377::Error: 8000046b: 0 < rpcmem_ionfd
E adsprpc : src/rpcmem_android.c:417:Error 0x8000046b (errno 0xd): rpc contig allocation failed. size 0xd57cc, heap_mask 0x2000000, flags 0x80000000
E adsprpc : src/rpcmem_android.c:197::error: -2147482517: 0 == (nErr = rpcmem_contig_alloc(m, heap_mask, rpc_flags, ion_flags, size, &po))
E adsprpc : src/rpcmem_android.c:222:Error 0x8000046b: ION mem alloc failed for size 0xd57cc, heapid -1, flags 0x80000000

There seems to be some issue with adsprpc. I have followed the steps here and set up the ADSP_LIBRARY_PATH environment. I have also verified that all the directories in the path exist. I'm not sure what could be the cause of the error.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Posted: Sat, 2019-09-28 19:02

Hi, BlueFish6543:

Has this problem been solved? I has the same problem.


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Posted: Sun, 2019-11-17 18:30

I saw the error related message from  fastrpc guide file.( Page 27)

The guide file pointed out this error occurs because the GLINK/SMD channel was not opened for the channel (aDSP/cDSP/mDSP). Check whether the DSP is up and running without any issues.

But I still don't know how to deal with it.



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