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Unable to run model on more than 14 HTP cores through SoC 1
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Posted: Fri, 2022-08-05 08:31


We are able to generate binaries for more than 14 HTP cores, but while running it on hardware, it is throwing Failed to allocate NSP resources.

Steps followed:

1. Create binaries:

     /opt/qti-aic/exec/qaic-exec -aic-hw -aic-num-cores=15 -compile-only -aic-hw-version=2.0 -m=/home/kpit/Videos/QDrive/SA8540_testing/mobilenet/mobilenetv2-12_batch_1.onnx -aic-binary-dir=/home/kpit/Videos/QDrive/SA8540_testing/mobilenet/OUTPUT_FP32_SOC1SA900/ -device-id=0 -vvv

2. Extract and copy binaries onto hardware

3. Execute Qaic-runner with copied binaries.

     # qaic-runner -t ./ -i ./jellyfish.raw --write-output-dir ./all_out/ -v -d 0

Error faced is:

 # Device 0 activate failed: Failed to allocate NSP resources


Using Qaic-util section we tried to see how many HTP cores are available. we got as below.

# qaic-util -q | grep Nsp    
 Nsp Total:14     Nsp Free:13     Nsp Total:1     Nsp Free:1     Nsp Total:1     Nsp Free:1
Ideally in Qride 3.0, we should have 14 HTP cores in SA9000, 2 HTP cores in SoC 1 and 2 HTP cores in Soc2.
Please guide us.


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Posted: Thu, 2022-09-01 13:53

It may be that "-aic-num-cores=15" expects 15 NSPs but Qdrive has only 14 NSPs.


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Posted: Fri, 2023-04-14 02:37

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