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HVX Camera Streaming
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Posted: Wed, 2019-11-27 04:22


I was trying to run the HVX Camera Streaming example provided in the SDK, but keep getting the following error in logcat - 

02-20 19:19:22.987   726  6311 E CamX    : [ERROR][ISP    ] camxifehvx.cpp:213 InitConfiguration() last  enter m_moduleEnable 0 m_tapPoint 0

Steps I followed - 

- setup_env_cmd
- Navigate to examples/camera_streaming/hvx_add_constant folder
- Issue the python command - 

python -T sm8150

It builds fine and pushes the dependencies to the required folder (vendor/lib/rfsa/adsp). When I open the camera, there is no change in pixels in the preview or the video and get the above error logged. The device has the test signature. 

Dev Kit I'm using - HDK8150 (SM8150P)
Hexagon SDK - v3.4.3 on Windows

Any help regarding this will be much appreciated. 



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Posted: Tue, 2020-09-29 08:02


I have also done the Camera Streaming example, but didn't faced any error instead got an output like a black window with no previews. If you have cleared the error and completed can you please share with me too so that i can rrectify to get the pixel effects. I am developing on Intrinsyc 845 uSOM dev kit.  Hexagon SDK - v3.5.2 on Windows.



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