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Using fcvFilterGaussian11x11u8 got NULL output
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Posted: Thu, 2015-08-13 07:32


I am a newbie to FastCV. I am using fcvFilterGaussian11x11u8 but got NULL output.

Here is a part of my code.

BYTE * I_Bytes = matToBytes(I_ori);  //I_bytes is a byte array

uint8_t * pI_ori = (uint8_t *)I_Bytes;

uint8_t * tempdst = NULL;

fcvFilterGaussian11x11u8(pI_ori, ori_size1.width, ori_size1.height, tempdst, 0);

I_ori is the mat  of the initial image read by opencv function, imread()

I transformed I_ori into a byte array I_Bytes with a function called matToBytes

I checked every input, the src is not NULL, the srcWidth and srcHeight are both multiple of 8, and the blurBorder is set to be 0, but the output still turned out to be NULL.

Is there anything that I am missing in this function?

Thank you in advance!

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Posted: Wed, 2015-09-09 09:35

i have same problem here! BUMP

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jeff4s Moderator
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Posted: Wed, 2015-09-09 11:05

I suppose you need to allocate memory for the output using fcvMemAlloc(), and please remember to free it with fcvMemFree() in the end.



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Posted: Wed, 2015-09-09 12:38

yes i see from another post, sorry for my bad search, thanks jeff!

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