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ROS2 Performance test result
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Posted: Sun, 2022-01-09 23:42

Dear, QCT

I've tested ROS2 msg latency using irobot ros2 performance tool on RB5 development kit.

(github :

But the late_msgs are 10 times more often than Raspberry Pi3

(raspberry pi3 result :

Please refer to the below details.

--- Test Enviroment ---

1. Image Version : QRB5165.UBUN.1.0-211118
2. ROS2 Version : Dashing
3. ROS2 Performance tool cmd parameter: 
$./benchmark topology/sierra_nevada.json -t 600 --ipc on -s 1000 --late-percentage 20 --late-absolute 5000 --too-late-percentage 100 --too-late-absolute 50000


---- Test Reulst----

received[#]    mean[us]  late[#]   late[%]   too_late[#]    too_late[%]    lost[#]   lost[%]   

632389         785               9023      1.427       19                     0.003004       0         0 

1. Figure

2. latency_total.txt

3. latency_all.txt


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Posted: Wed, 2022-01-19 14:56

hello customer,

please test  with below command to check whether it can be improve.
adb shell "echo performance > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/cpufreq/scaling_governor"


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