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QCA9377 WiFi & BLE caracteristics
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Posted: Wed, 2020-02-12 07:55


I search this informations on QCA9377. I ddidn't find in his datasheet.

Does the WiFi chipset have
Adaptive Frequency Agility?
Listen before talk?
Does the Bluetooth part :
Number of channels? 3? 40?
Modulation? GFSK? Other?
OBW? 2MHz? other?
Adaptive Frequency Agility?
Listen before talk?
Thanks for your answers.
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ddeepakk Moderator
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Posted: Fri, 2020-02-14 00:37

Hi Yann,

I'll answer for WLAN part:

Adaptive Frequency Agility?  >> In Station mode, QCA9377 will be on the channel of the AP to which it's connected to.
In AP mode, during initialization, it looks for the least crowded channel to operate into. This we call as ACS (Automatic Channel Selection). This looks similar to Adadptive Freq. Agility. However, please note that it doesn't keep doing ACS dynamically, it's just done during AP mode initialization.
Listen before talk?  >> This is basic working principal of 802.11 protocol, a.k.a. CSMA-CA. QCA9377 supports it.
One of our Bluetooth Engineers will respond to the BT queries.
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Posted: Fri, 2020-02-14 02:25



I am Satya From Bluetooth team,


In BT, In BR/EDR Mode we have 79 channels with 1 Mhz spacing

and we use AFH (Adaptive Frequency Hopping) technique to Channel classification whether the channel is bad or good

In BLE mode, we use 40 Channels with 2 Mhz spacing

Hope this is what you are looking









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