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QCA8171 datasheet request
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Posted: Tue, 2018-09-11 06:21

Good day! This wonderful Ethernet networking chip does not have its own developer subforum, so we did not have any other option than to post this thread here in our desperate attempt to receive any support. Please redirect our datasheet request to a more appropriate channel if it exists.

We are a team of embedded developers, trying to port an open source "alx" Linux C driver to bare metal. While doing it we have encountered some technical difficulties, which will be possible to resolve by us with the help of a datasheet. We would like to request a QCA8171 chip datasheet to learn more about QCA8171 programmer's model, especially the registers and their acceptable values. Or, alternatively, we could use a datasheet for QCA8172 or the older Atheros AR8161 / AR8162 devices, since they are from the same "alx" family and are software compatible with each other: supported by the same "alx" Linux C driver.

In the past, while Atheros existed as a separate company, it has been quite easy to request such datasheets, and many of them - e.g. AR8327 - have been made publicly available by Atheros after receiving a request from a group of open source enthusiast software developers. However, nobody has requested any "alx" datasheet at this time and this is why the datasheets for these chips have not been made publicly available yet.

Given that AR8161 / AR8162 / QCA8171 / QCA8172 chips are very old - e.g. AR8161 is more than 8 years old - we really hope that Qualcomm could release a datasheet to us for any or even all of these chips. We could sign any agreement if it is needed to sign it to access the datasheets even for these outdated chips, which have been created by Atheros before it has been acquired by Qualcomm.

We will greatly appreciate your help if you could please help us to find a way to obtain any "alx" datasheet, or redirect our datasheet request to a more appropriate channel if it exists, and we promise not to request any additional support questions beyond that.

Best regards,
Mike Banon,
Embedded developer at
Hobby Club company

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ddeepakk Moderator
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Posted: Tue, 2018-09-25 02:30

Hi Mike,

I'm sorry! I couldn't find any info on these chipsets which you have mentioned. Probably they have got End-of-Life.


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