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802.11x Enterprise Enable Failing
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Posted: Wed, 2021-12-15 07:15

Hi all,

I can't seem to get the qapi_WLAN_8021x_Enable() function to succeed in sdk version 3.4.  I edited the Makefile so that DEFINES += "-D CONFIG_WLAN_8021X" and the appropriate libraries are include using "$(LIBDIR)/wlan_supplicant_8021x_xip.lib" "$(LIBDIR)/wlan_supplicant_8021x_ram.lib".  Below is a standalone test_wifi.c file that compiles and runs.  When the 8021x_Enable function fails it causes a GPIO pin to go high.  Anyone else having trouble getting the Enterprise/RADIUS server authentication working? 

Much Thanks,

Dr. Wolfe

#define THREAD_PRIORITY (21)
#define LED_PIN (12)

#include "qurt_thread.h"
#include "qapi_tlmm.h"
#include "qapi_types.h"
#include "qapi_delay.h"
#include "qapi_wlan.h"
#include "qapi_wlan_8021x.h"

void thread(void* param);

void som_app_init(void) { return; }
void som_app_entry_internal(void) { return; }
void app_init(qbool_t cold_boot) { return; }

void app_start(qbool_t cold_boot) {
  qurt_thread_t thread_handle;
  qurt_thread_attr_t thread_attr;
  qurt_thread_attr_set_name(&thread_attr, "testbench");
  qurt_thread_attr_set_priority(&thread_attr, 21);
  qurt_thread_attr_set_stack_size(&thread_attr, THREAD_STACK_SIZE_BYTES);
  qurt_thread_create(&thread_handle, &thread_attr, thread, NULL);

void thread(void* param) {

  qapi_GPIO_ID_t led_id;
  qapi_TLMM_Config_t led_config;
  led_config.func = 0;
  led_config.dir = QAPI_GPIO_OUTPUT_E;
  led_config.pull = QAPI_GPIO_NO_PULL_E; = QAPI_GPIO_1P6MA_E; = LED_PIN;
  qapi_TLMM_Get_Gpio_ID(&led_config, &led_id);
  qapi_TLMM_Config_Gpio(led_id, &led_config);
  qapi_TLMM_Drive_Gpio(led_id, LED_PIN, QAPI_GPIO_LOW_VALUE_E); // LED off

  while (1) {
    qapi_Status_t status = 0;
    qapi_WLAN_Enable(QAPI_WLAN_ENABLE_E); // does not fail
    qapi_WLAN_Add_Device(0); // does not fail
    qapi_WLAN_Add_Device(1); // does not fail
    status = qapi_WLAN_8021x_Enable(QAPI_WLAN_8021X_ENABLE_E); // fails
    if (status != QAPI_OK) qapi_TLMM_Drive_Gpio(led_id, LED_PIN, QAPI_GPIO_HIGH_VALUE_E); // led on



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Posted: Fri, 2022-05-13 14:56

Kindly confirm if you are observing issue with default CS3.4 SDK , try with QCLI_demo by modifying build.bat "SET CFG_FEATURE_WLAN_8021X=true"


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