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QCA4020 Hello World not compiling
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Posted: Fri, 2021-06-04 08:31


I'm trying to compile HelloWorld Demo by Eclipse on Win 10,  following the instructions in

But I receive an error at linking step:


17:24:29 **** Incremental Build of configuration Default for project Helloworld_demo ****
build.bat t 4020 cdb 2p0 
Building Quartz Helloworld Demo for v2 Chipset
RTOS             threadx
Exporting Device config files....
Building hello_world.c
Building pal\pal.c
Building export\platform_oem.c
Building export\platform_oem_som.c
Building export\platform_oem_mom.c
Building export\DALConfig_devcfg.c
Building export\DALConfig_fom.c
Building export\devcfg_devcfg_data.c
Building export\devcfg_fom_data.c
Building export\UsrEDL.c
Building export\flash_init_config.c
Attempting to convert windows paths: output\LinkerLibs.txt
Generating Linker Scripts...
Failed to create linker script file. Check dbg.Make for detail...
17:25:51 Build Finished. 0 errors, 0 warnings. (took 1m:22s.328ms)


Below the dbg.Make content:


arm-none-eabi-objdump: '../../../../../lib/cortex-m4IPT/threadx/mom_patch_table_ARNTRI_qcm.o': No such file
arm-none-eabi-objdump: '../../../../../lib/cortex-m4IPT/threadx/fom_patch_table_ARNTRI_qcm.o': No such file
arm-none-eabi-objdump: '../../../../../lib/cortex-m4IPT/threadx/som_patch_table_ARNTRI_qcm.o': No such file
arm-none-eabi-objdump: '../../../../../lib/cortex-m4IPT/threadx/BLUETOPIA_QAPI_SERVICES.lib': No such file
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "..\..\..\..\..\build\scripts\linkerScripts\", line 1075, in <module>
  File "..\..\..\..\..\build\scripts\linkerScripts\", line 920, in create_linker_file_from_template
    template_file = open(TemplateFileName, 'r')
IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '..\\..\\..\\..\\..\\bin\\cortex-m4\\threadx\\DefaultTemplateLinkerScript.ld'

The strange thing is that QCLI_demo, with the same settings and configurations, is compiled and debugged without problem. 

Any idea about ?

Thanks in advance


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Posted: Tue, 2022-05-10 15:38

From the logs we observe as below :

IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '..\\..\\..\\..\\..\\bin\\cortex-m4\\threadx\\DefaultTemplateLinkerScript.ld'
> the issue is due to invalid path whiletrying to build Helloworld_Demo. Make sure the build command is executed from build/ms

Can you confirm the same behaviour with command prompt build ?


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