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GPIO functions
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Posted: Wed, 2020-11-04 13:00
QCLI_Command_Status_t gpio_tlmm(uint32_t Parameter_Count, QCLI_Parameter_t *Parameter_List)
    if (Parameter_Count < 4)
        QCLI_Printf(qcli_gpio_group, "USAGE: gpio_pin fun dir pull val\n");
        QCLI_Printf(qcli_gpio_group, "\r gpio_pin -> pin number \n\r fun -> function value (0-15) \
                                      \n\r dir -> direction(input/ output) 0-input 1-output");
        QCLI_Printf(qcli_gpio_group, "\n\r pull -> gpio pull up/down/no-pull 0-No pull 1-Pull Down 2-Pull Up \
                                      \n\r val(value to drive if direction is output)");
        return QCLI_STATUS_SUCCESS_E;
    gpio_io_handle(Parameter_Count, Parameter_List);
This function is defined in the GPIO demo file in QCL_demo project. Can you help me with the function value which expects a integer between 0 -15. I can't seem to find references to it nowhere in QAPI documentation or the programmer's guide. What are these functions for GPIO?
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Posted: Mon, 2020-11-09 13:47

Kindly refer to Section A.13 GPIO function configuration from document QCA402x Programmer's Guide 80-Y9381-2 for GPIO function values.

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