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Web Bluetooth + Mesh
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Posted: Sun, 2016-12-04 20:52

I tried searching for this on the search engine but wasn't very successful so I suppose its a new topic.

Have you guys tried/succeeded in using CSRMesh and Web Bluetooth? I am planning on developing a hybrid app using Ionic and I recently found out that it seems to be possible to interface BLE with Angular. However, when I saw the source code for the Android app provided with the CSRMesh 2.1 development it seems to rely on a proprietary library from CSR/Qualcomm, which makes me think that it is unlikely that we can interface with CSRMesh using the Web Bluetooth API.

In short, what I am hoping to do is:

  1. be able to associate/remove a device to/from a CSRMesh network
  2. be able to send/receive data from network nodes using standard profiles
  3. be able to send/receive data from network nodes with a custom profile or data model
  4. be able to OTA

I suppose that number 2 should work out of the box (that's the idea behind "standards" right? :D ), but maybe the other points would need a dedicated application. Anyone with experience in those points willing to share would be really appreciated!


Ah, in case anyone is wondering why use Web Bluetooth / Ionic, it's because it makes it simpler to maintain just one code base for both Android and IOS, instead of having to develop both apps independently. I understand there are particularities, but is still better than two completely different sources to do the same function.


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Posted: Mon, 2016-12-05 10:08

yes, we have published our Ionic app on Github:

It uses Web Bluetooth when running on Chrome and iBeacons when running natively on iOS.

Let me know if you want to contribute, I add you.


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