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CSRmesh usability?
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Posted: Wed, 2016-11-23 07:55
I'm currently investigating network solutions for a new project requiring mesh technology. Initially we were planning to make the network Zigbee based, but are also very interested in knowing more about CSRmesh.
Major headlines/requirements for our project are:
* Network of 50-100 nodes.
* Mesh depth up to 10 hops.
* Node to node range, up to 30 meters (in doors).
* Long time stability. Optimally nodes runs for years without loosing network connection, or having to be reset.
* Low data rates.
* No real time issues.
* Proprietary application (based on generic data model)
Any comments regarding CSRmesh usability for this case?
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Posted: Mon, 2016-11-28 08:22


We have been using the CSRmesh for over 2 years now for a similar use case however our customers typically have 10 nodes or less. 
We mostly use CSRmesh models (light model, power model) to control the light but also implemented several prioriatary message via the data model. The stability over time was also a concern for us since our solution is always powered AC/battery backup. The data rates is low but sufficient for control. The overall reliabilty of the mesh is good since in many cases, several nodes will carry the messages through so no one node is critical. The CSRmesh stack from Qualcomm is also light weight and can run on very low cost BLE SoC like the CSR101x. 
If you have any specific questions about our experience working with CSRmesh, feel free to reach out to me at [email protected].


Martin Forest
CTO, BeON Home

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