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Using CsrMesh2.0
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Posted: Thu, 2016-09-01 07:16

I have develpoed an application based upon the Light App using CSRmeshV1.3.

Essentially I modified the 1010 code and the accompanying Android App.

The main problem has been connecting the Android App to a CSR Bridge sometimes it works, sometimes quickly and sometimes very slowly (2-3 minutes). I have also found that certain Android Tablets work better than others.

I have therefore decided to move to CSRMesh2.0.

First of all I compiled the 'new' Light App and everything was ok.

Second I altered the Light App to look the same as the app I have been developing on V1.3, there are quite a lot of changes however the end result was that I get an error message:


C:\CSR_uEnergy_SDK-\tools\bin\xap-local-xap-gcc depend_Release_CSR101x_A05\app_gatt_db.o



switch-tables -mas-mode -mno-initc -Wl,--just-symbols=C:\CSR_uEnergy_SDK-\tools\lib\CSR101x_A05\rom_img.elf,-T,xap_ram_rom.ld,--gc-sections -lgcc -Wl,-Map,depend_Release_CSR101x_A05\ -o depend_Release_CSR101x_A05\CSRmeshLight.elf 2>&1 | C:\CSR_uEnergy_SDK-\tools\bin\post_process_linker_messages -

c:/csr_uenergy_sdk- RAM DATA exceeds limit.

collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

make: *** [depend_Release_CSR101x_A05/CSRmeshLight.elf] Error 1



My questions are:


1. How can I find out how RAM is available ?


2. How much is actually used? - the map file list the RAM variable sizes individually but not a total


3. Are there any pre compile options for changing the allocation of Stacks etc.?


Any help would be very much appreciated


Ian James 




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Posted: Tue, 2016-09-06 01:45

CSR1010 has 64Kbit ram in total.

you can set the you app position in E2PROM by setting the Slot 1 Address( default 0x4300) in the project property settings.


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Posted: Sun, 2016-11-20 09:22

We have the same problem while using the Mesh Android Program.

As you know, the program tries to connect a brdige when it start.

After connecting a bridge, we can see the lighting control screen.

And the connecting time is vary irregurally.

Sometimes 6 secs, sometimes more than 1 min.

 As you told, on tablets it's  stable but on phones it's unexpectable.


And your saying about the adopting Mesh 2.0  encouraged much.

So we tried immediatly, but it was same.

Still unstable and very long time to connect a Bridge....

Anyone has any similler case and any idea?

Any tip or experience sharing would be appreciated...




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