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CSRMesh 1.3 Android App Problems
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Posted: Mon, 2020-03-09 08:37


iam currently developing an android application with CSRMesh 1.3 library.

Is there a possibilty to prevend connected bridges from disconnecting themsefl?

Because on iOS the connected bridges remain connected.

If i request sensor data using the DataModelApi method sendData iam not able to retrieve a response in my MeshHandler.



Also when starting the Meshservice with autoConnect I thought to retrieve a Message like MESSAGE_DEVICE_DISCOVERED or MESSAGE_DEVICE_APPEARANCE when using processMeshAdvert from the MeshService

Is there any Example or Tutorial or Howto for this?

Thanks in Advanced.

Best Regards




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Posted: Thu, 2023-08-03 02:03

It seems like you are facing some challenges while developing your Android application with the CSRMesh 1.3 library. I'll try to help you with your questions:

Preventing connected bridges from disconnecting: To keep the connected bridges from disconnecting, you need to ensure that you handle the connection state correctly in your Android application. It's essential to properly manage the connection lifecycle and handle any potential disconnection scenarios. Review your code to see if there are any unintended disconnection commands being sent or if there are issues with handling the connection status. Additionally, make sure you have a stable and reliable network connection to avoid any unexpected disconnections.

Missing response using DataModelApi method sendData: If you are not receiving the expected response in your MeshHandler after calling sendData, double-check the implementation of your MeshHandler and make sure you are properly handling incoming messages. Also, verify that the data is being sent correctly from the other end (possibly the sensor or connected device) and that it adheres to the protocol expected by the MeshHandler.

Messages received from the MeshService: It appears that you are expecting specific messages like MESSAGE_DATA_SENT, MESSAGE_RECEIVE_BLOCK_DATA, etc., but you are only receiving messages like MESSAGE_LE_CONNECTED, MESSAGE_LE_DISCONNECTED, etc. Ensure that your MeshService and MeshHandler are correctly configured to handle and process the expected messages. Review the message handling logic in your code to see if there are any issues there.

Example or Tutorial for CSRMesh 1.3 library: Unfortunately, as of my last update in September 2021, there weren't many publicly available resources for CSRMesh 1.3 library in terms of tutorials or official documentation. However, you can refer to the official documentation, if available, or reach out to the CSRMesh support community or developer forums for help. Exploring GitHub repositories and forums might also yield some insights from other developers who have worked with the CSRMesh library.

Remember that some of the issues you are facing could be specific to the library version you are using or the setup of your application, so it might be beneficial to engage with other developers who have experience with the same library.

I hope this helps you get started with debugging the issues you're facing. If you have more specific questions or encounter specific error messages, feel free to ask for further assistance! Good luck with your Android application development.



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