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sniffer application / can't association
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Posted: Sun, 2016-08-21 02:11




i,m looking for sniffer manual and follow the procedure going. 


-in the command prompt-

1. csconfigcmd merge csr_mesh_sniffer_csr101x_A05.keyr -imagefile CSRMeshSniffer.img -quiet

2. e2cmd -trans "SPITRANS=USB SPIPORT=0" fill 0xffff 

3.e2cmd -trans "SPITRANS=USB SPIPORT=0" download CSRMeshSniffer.img 

4.uEnergyProdTest.exe CSRMeshSniffer.img –k csr_mesh_sniffer_csr101x_A05.keyr –m1 0x04 0x3210 0x7654 0xBA98 0xFEDC 0xCDEF 0x89AB 0x4567 0x0123 0xCDEF 0x89AB 0x4567 0x0123


it completed so far.


but if i try association. stop at 66% always.

i do not know what the problem.....








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Dr. Nissim Zur
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Posted: Sat, 2016-08-27 09:09

Your stage 2 clear all and fill with 0FFFF

No image anymore in the flash. 

CSRMeshSniffer.img is now big file with just 0xFFs in it... 

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