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i2c Interface with accelerometer
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Posted: Sun, 2016-06-19 06:58

Hi all,

I am trying to interface a BMA255 acceleromter with the CSR1010. I have the i2c communication setup properly and I can send command to write and read the registers of the BMA255 via I2C.

I am using the i2c_comms.c and i2c_comms.h files as provided in the software examples. The sequence of i2c communication is as follows:

/* Acquire I2C bus */



      /* Initialise I2C communication. */


     success = I2CWriteRegister(BMA250_I2C_ADDRESS, REG_BANDWIDTH,0x0F);   // this works!





All the commands to configure the accelerometer works well except that I am unable to set the accelerometer to low power mode 1 by writing a value of 0x56 to register location 0x11.


     success = I2CWriteRegister(BMA250_I2C_ADDRESS, 0x11,0x65);   // this does not work


In the data sheet of the BMA255, there is a note on i2c access restrictions:

An interface idle time of at least 2us is required following a write operation when the device operates in normal mode (or standby mode, or low-power mode 2). In suspend mode (or low-power mode 1) an interface idle time of least 450us is required.


I am pretty sure its due to this 450us restriction. But I have no idea where to set the 450us idle time.


This is inside the I2CWriteRegister function:


 success = ( (I2cRawStart(TRUE) == sys_status_success) &&

(I2cRawWriteByte(base_address) == sys_status_success) &&

(I2cRawWaitAck(TRUE) == sys_status_success) &&

(I2cRawWriteByte(reg) == sys_status_success) &&

(I2cRawWaitAck(TRUE) == sys_status_success) &&

(I2cRawWriteByte(register_value) == sys_status_success) &&

(I2cRawWaitAck(TRUE) == sys_status_success) &&

(I2cRawStop(TRUE) == sys_status_success));


I2cRawComplete(1 * MILLISECOND);




Do I have to have a 450us delay between each I2CRaw command? If so, how do I implement this?


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Dr. Nissim Zur
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Posted: Sun, 2016-06-19 09:19

See Bosch Sensortec MEMS accelerometer sensor driver source code

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Posted: Sun, 2016-06-19 20:32

Hi all,

I found the problem finally. Its actually not a software problem and has nothing to do with the 450us delay.

I had configured the i2c with strong pull up

    /* Configure the I2C controller */






I had connected external i2c pull up resistors to my circuit. When i2c is released, the PIO is set to strong pull down. I think this cause current to flow through the external i2c pull up resistors hence consuming current.


Everything works fine now after I removed the external pull up resistors.


Hope it helps someone with the same problem in the future.

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