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CSR1010 / Delay
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Posted: Sun, 2016-06-12 21:25

hi everyone.

 'TimerCreate(800,NULL ,NULL ) ; '   is this operates like a Delay?

if it's right first parameter value '800' means 800ms ?

if it is wrong how do i give Delay?


pleae help me.

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Dr. Nissim Zur
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Posted: Sun, 2016-06-12 22:26

chodoohyun, Never use delays in your application. CSR1010 is single thread system and delay will break your system. Delay more than 30 sec will reset the chip. TimerCreate is calling procedure after the time expired.

See demo x:\CSR_uEnergy_SDK-\apps\timers


 *  TimerCreate
/*! \brief Insert an application timer into the timer queue.
 * The timeout period is measured in microseconds. time.h defines a number of
 * constants for #MILLISECOND, #SECOND and #MINUTE, e.g. allowing 10*SECOND to
 * be used when starting a timer. Note that although the timeout value is a
 * 32-bit number the maximum timeout period is actually 35 minutes to enable
 * safe 'roll over' handling. #MAX_TIMER_PERIOD defines this value.
 * When the timer expires, the firmware will call the application timer handler
 * function. Prior to calling the handler, the firmware will have "cleaned up"
 * the timer structure, therefore the application does not need to manually
 * delete the timer. If the application needs to restart the timer (for the
 * same or a different duration) it can simply call TimerCreate() again.
 *  \param time The number of microseconds the timer should run for.
 *  \param relative True => time is offset from "now".
 *  \param handler Pointer to the expiry callback function.
 *  \return Timer reference, or TIMER_INVALID if the timer could not be started.
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Re: CSR1010 / Delay Best Answer
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Posted: Sun, 2016-06-12 23:52

thanks you very much Nissim 

plese help me one more thing.

can you link 'CSR_uEnergy_SDK- demo code ' download page? 

i tried to find that but fail...

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ywinge Moderator
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Posted: Mon, 2016-06-13 02:41

Hi Chodoohyun we cannot post the link on a public forum but if you have previously registered on CSR Support please log in and you will be able to view and access the SDK download. 

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