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Problem in implementing Circle Detection in Fastcv-Android?
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Posted: Fri, 2015-04-03 23:45

I am trying to implement circle detection in fastcv Android.
but i m facing "Assertion failed "at fcvHoughCircle..!!
( Assertion failed @fcvHoughCircleu8: src && circles && numCircle && data && srcStride >= srcWidth )

code is little bit messy. but mainly i want to get correct values of NUmcircle and pointer structure of circles in ANdroid LOG as of now.
My code in JNI looks like this..

JNIEXPORT void JNICALL Java_com_cvapps_testcircledetect_ImageProcessing_detectcirclesNative
(JNIEnv* env, jobject obj,jbyteArray src,jbyteArray dst,jint width,jint height)
    jbyte* srcData = NULL; // not useful now
    jboolean isCopy = 0;

    jint stride = width;
    jint frameSize = width*height;
    jint* numCircle = 0;
    jbyte* jimgData = NULL;
     fcvCircle* fcvccircle=NULL;

     jimgData = env->GetByteArrayElements( src, &isCopy);
   // srcData = env->GetByteArrayElements(src, &isCopy);
    uint8_t* data =  (uint8_t*) fcvMemAlloc(width*height*16,128);

     uint8_t*  pJimgData = (uint8_t*)jimgData;

     uint8_t*                   blurredImgBuf;
    blurredImgBuf = (uint8_t*)fcvMemAlloc( width*height, 128 );
    fcvFilterGaussian3x3u8( pJimgData, width,height,blurredImgBuf,0 );

    pJimgData = blurredImgBuf;
    __android_log_print (ANDROID_LOG_INFO, "test gpio", "Before numcircle ==%d",numCircle);

    fcvHoughCircleu8     (     (uint8_t *)      pJimgData,
            (uint32_t)      width,
            (uint32_t)      height,
            (uint32_t)      0,
            (uint32_t *)      numCircle,
            (uint32_t)      20,
            (uint32_t)      0,
            (uint32_t)      100,
            (uint32_t)      100,
            (uint32_t)      0,
            (uint32_t)      43000,
            (void *)     data
    __android_log_print (ANDROID_LOG_INFO, "test gpio", "AFTER numcircle ===%d",numCircle);


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Join Date: 21 Nov 16
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Posted: Wed, 2017-03-01 04:35

I am having the same issue with same error code. Is there anyone who faced this error and solved it.

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jeff4s Moderator
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Posted: Thu, 2017-03-02 14:54

You may have a problem with numCircle. You have a NULL pointer there.



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