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App Crash When I use Snapdragon Profiler to analyse gpu stat
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Posted: Mon, 2021-12-06 00:39

my app is a game app based on unity. it is runing normally in mobile, but when i linked it to snapdragon profiler and open gpu stats(such as GPU memory stats) it will be crash. i located a drawinstanced invoke caused crash. the follow is the decatil log:

 signal 11 (SIGSEGV)             code 1 (SEGV_MAPERR)         fault addr 0000000000002748

Build type 'Development'   Scripting Backend 'il2cpp'     CPU 'arm64-v8a'

 name: UnityGfxDeviceW  >>> ****** <<<

 x0   0000000000000017  x1   0000007b2c9eb860  x2   46746e6572727543  x3   6e65736572500042

 x4   0000000000000008  x5   0000000000000016  x6   6d647264714eff41  x7   7f7f7f7f7f7f7f7f

 x8   0000000000000000  x9   0000007b7d87f930  x10  0000000000000001  x11  0000007b870f69c4

 x12  0000000000000000  x13  0000000000000000  x14  0000000000000050  x15  0000000000000020

 x16  0000007b7d8774a0  x17  0000007c193a8a60  x18  000000000000000b  x19  00000000ffffffff

 x20  0000007c1cb8f600  x21  000000000000824a  x22  0000007b2c9eb852  x23  0000000000000000

 x24  0000007b7e971000  x25  0000007b06da1c70  x26  0000000000002772  x27  0000007b06da63c0

 x28  0000000000000000  x29  0000007b06da1710  x30  0000007b7d68fe28

 sp   0000007b06da16e0  pc   0000007b7d68fe2c  pstate 0000000020001000


 #00  pc 0000000000000674  [vdso] ()

 #01  pc 0000000000111e28  /vendor/lib64/egl/ ()

 #02  pc 0000000000d29650  /data/app/XXX-5b8tJLIPdiT4sYuqVy9Deg==/lib/arm64/ (_ZN11ContextGLES15BlitToCurrentFBERNS_18ExternalAndroidFBOEjj+68)

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Posted: Mon, 2022-02-21 01:40

had a similar issue yesterday check this most post for more info:

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Posted: Mon, 2022-05-16 07:03

had a similar issue yesterday check this most post for more info:

Thank you so much, this xda thread helped me fix my issue.



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Posted: Thu, 2022-06-02 03:09

Ok, good result.

Bob Du

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Posted: Sun, 2022-09-25 19:37

had a similar issue with this app yesterday check this most post for more info:

Really needed this. Thank you!


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Posted: Sat, 2022-10-15 02:35

Is this problem still persist.

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Posted: Sat, 2022-11-26 21:27

In ADB I connected a device and then tried, no issues.

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Posted: Sat, 2022-12-17 07:53

had a similar issue yesterday check this most post for more info:

Followed the XDA but they didn't updated from long and now its not working.

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Posted: Wed, 2023-06-28 00:24

There is a compatibility issue between your Unity game app and Snapdragon Profiler when accessing GPU stats. Specifically, invoking the "drawinstanced" function leads to a crash. Further investigation and debugging might be needed to resolve this issue and ensure smooth performance with the profiler.


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Posted: Mon, 2023-07-24 23:06
had a similar issue with this app yesterday check this most post for more info:
I also tried different version of this app after reading XDA thread, but didn't get any luck to fix it.
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Posted: Tue, 2023-12-05 04:04

The error you're encountering is a segmentation fault (SIGSEGV) in your Unity game running on an Android device. The crash seems to be happening in the library, which is related to the Adreno GPU on Snapdragon devices.

Here are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve the issue:

Check Unity Version:
Ensure that you are using a compatible version of Unity with the target Android platform. Sometimes, certain versions of Unity may have compatibility issues with specific devices or GPUs.

Graphics Settings:
Review your Unity graphics settings, especially those related to rendering and shaders. Some features may not be supported on certain GPUs or could be causing issues with the Snapdragon Profiler.

Update GPU Drivers:
Make sure that the GPU drivers on the Snapdragon device are up-to-date. Sometimes, outdated or incompatible GPU drivers can lead to crashes.

Review drawinstanced Code:
Investigate the specific drawinstanced code that is causing the crash. Check for any potential issues with how you are using this function, and ensure that you are passing valid parameters.

Memory Management:
Look into your memory management, especially GPU memory usage. It's possible that the Snapdragon Profiler is revealing an issue with memory allocation or deallocation that may not be apparent during normal gameplay.

il2cpp Issues:
Since you're using the il2cpp scripting backend, be aware that it can introduce its own set of challenges. Check for any known issues with the specific Unity version and il2cpp combination you are using.

Snapdragon Profiler Compatibility:
Confirm that the version of Snapdragon Profiler you are using is compatible with the Unity version and your target Android device. There could be compatibility issues between Unity versions and profiler tools.

Testing on Different Devices:
If possible, try running your Unity game on other Android devices with different GPUs to see if the issue is specific to the Snapdragon device.

Remember to keep backups of your project before making significant changes, and consider reaching out to Unity forums or Qualcomm (Snapdragon) support for more specific assistance, especially if the issue persists after trying the above suggestions.

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Posted: Wed, 2023-12-06 08:30

Experiencing app crashes while utilizing Snapdragon Profiler for GPU stat analysis? Reach out to the developer community or check for updates to ensure compatibility. Troubleshooting together can lead to a seamless profiling experience, unlocking the full potential of your Snapdragon-powered device

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