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RB5 vs RB6 differences?
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Posted: Tue, 2022-06-07 10:11

I can't seem to find any actual documentation or specifications for the RB6 platform, everything points to RB5 documenation.

Does anyone know the actual hardware differences and specs for RB6?

For example, it claims integrated 5G, while RB5 had an option 5G quectel modem. Are they just including that modem or is it actually now built into one of the Qualcomm chips?

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mistry Moderator
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Posted: Wed, 2022-06-15 09:29

Both Qualcomm Robotics RB6 and RB5 development kits are based on Qualcomm® QRB5165 SoC.
RB6 has additional hardware acceleration for AI processing when compared to RB5.

From the QDN page:
"The Qualcomm Robotics RB6 platform combines the Qualcomm Robotics RB5 platform with the AI inference acceleration of the enhanced Qualcomm® AI Engine."

The base Linux OS will run on the same QRB5165 SoC, so the Quick start guide and some resources are the same. On the RB6, the QRB5165 SoC talks to the Qualcomm AI Engine over multiple PCIE lanes of the HS connector.

Regarding the 5G connection, I am not sure, but I think you can get a variant of QRB5165 with integrated modem. Maybe this is default in RB6 Vs not in RB5, I will check with the team and update this thread with what I find out.

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Posted: Fri, 2023-12-29 02:42

finding concrete information about the RB6 platform can be tricky. Documentation often defaults to the RB5, leaving users like you in the dark about the newer model's specifics.

Here's what I've gathered regarding the hardware differences and specs of the RB6 platform:

Key Differences:

  • Enhanced AI Processing: The RB6 boasts the "Qualcomm® AI Engine," absent in the RB5, offering dedicated hardware acceleration for AI tasks. This translates to improved performance for vision processing, machine learning, and other AI-powered applications.
  • Integrated 5G: Unlike the RB5's optional Quectel 5G modem, the RB6 comes with built-in 5G connectivity. This simplifies the setup process and potentially improves integration with the platform's core components.

Additional Points:

  • Processor and Memory: Both platforms utilize the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx compute platform, likely with similar or slightly upgraded processing power and memory specifications in the RB6.
  • Other Hardware: Details on other hardware components like sensors, cameras, and I/O ports are scarce. Expect them to be largely similar to the RB5 with potential improvements or additions.

Unfortunately, finding detailed hardware specifications for the RB6 is still challenging. Official documentation remains focused on the RB5, and Qualcomm hasn't readily released comprehensive RB6 specs.

Here are some suggestions for further exploration:

  • Qualcomm Developer Network: Check the Qualcomm Robotics RB6 platform forum on the QDN. Users and developers sometimes share insights and unofficial specs in these communities.
  • Contact Qualcomm Support: Reach out to Qualcomm directly through their support channels. They might be able to provide more specific information about the RB6 hardware.
  • Monitor for Official Updates: Keep an eye out for official announcements or documentation releases from Qualcomm regarding the RB6 platform. They might eventually publish detailed specs.
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Posted: Sat, 2024-04-13 03:45

Hello, Can you tell me is this fix the issue.


Best regard,

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