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QCA4020 WatchDog Timer.
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Posted: Wed, 2020-10-14 07:26

Hello Team.

I want to use watch dog timer in my project. Following is my DevCfg_master_devcfg_out_cdb.xml  configuration for watchdog.

<driver name="Dog_Cfg">
  <device id="0x02000019">
    <!-- If this flag is set to 0x0, hw wdog and grace timer will be initialized -->
    <!-- If this flag is set to 0x1, hw wdog and grace timer will NOT be initialized -->
    <props name="dog_hal_disable" type="0x00000002">
    <!-- Grace timer value in sclk, This timer will declare a stalled initialization,
if intialization does not complete before it times out. -->
    <props name="dog_hal_grace_timer_timeout" type="0x00000002">
      160000 <!-- s*32000, 5s -->


Still result is negative.

Things I want to know.

1) How to Initialize and start WatchDog for QCA4020.

2) How to Feed WatchDog Timer.

Any example code would be helpful.

Thank you. 

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Posted: Tue, 2020-12-15 02:03


As per your configuration, watchdog is enabled. The property "dog_hal_grace_timer_timeout" is used to configure watchdog timer.

The QCLI demo demonstrates some of the watchdog functionality. You can refer to code in this path:



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