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Programming via JTAG extremely slow
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Posted: Tue, 2017-08-29 14:11

I am experiencing excruciatingly slow programming times on the SX-ULPGN-EVK board. I'm using the FTDI Chip C232HM-DDHSL-0 JTAG cable as recommended by Silex Technology. I'm getting data rates of ~200 bytes/second. Programming the QCA4010 with a 1015808 byte image takes about 1 hour 30 minutes. This is not acceptable.

I'm using the exact version of Ubuntu and FTDI drivers as specified in the SDK release notes. 

What transfer rates should I expect? Is the FTDI cable known to perform slowly with xt-ocd? Will a different JTAG adaptor perform better? Is there a known problem with the tools from Cadence? 

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Posted: Wed, 2017-08-30 03:16

Dear Customer,

QCA400x/401x JTAGE upgrade FW
###To enable JTAG mode on the CUS511/CUS510 or CUS512/CUS510 platform, pull on the Jumper connecting JP5.2&3(IOT mode), JP11.2&3(Test mode) on CUS510.
The EJTAG connector is JP12.
###Jumper setting JP5.2&3(IOT mode), JP11.2&3(Test mode)
Important ***If the ./xt-ocd connect failed please reset MP1 or MP2 and try that again***

[email protected]-virtual-machine:/opt/tensilica/xocd-10.0.3# ./xt-ocd
XOCD 10.0.3
(c) 1999-2016 Tensilica Inc. All rights reserved.
[Debug Log 2016-09-20 11:42:35]
Loading module "gdbstub" v2.0.0.11
Loading module "macraigor" v2.0.0.5
Loading module "jtag" v2.0.0.20
Loading module "xtensa" v2.0.0.40
Loading module "traxapp" v2.0.0.8
Loading module "trax" v2.0.1.22
 Total IR bits : 5
  TAP[0] irwidth = 5
 Total DR bypass bits : 1
Starting thread 'GDBStub'
Starting thread 'TraxApp'

###Windows JTAG upgrade FW
1.    Install Tensilica Xtensa OCD Daemon (\\gromit\wlan_ce\Brady\Xtensa OCD Daemon)
2.    Put topology.xml in C:\Program Files (x86)\Tensilica\Xtensa OCD Daemon 10.0.3
3.    Open up xt-ocd.exe in background (C:\Program Files (x86)\Tensilica\Xtensa OCD Daemon 10.0.3)
cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Tensilica\Xtensa OCD Daemon 10.0.3\

###If xt-ocd report HW connect problem please reset S1 button and rerun xt-ocd again.
cd target/image
xt-gdb -x gdb.sdk_flash
target remote
sdk_flash ../bin/raw_flashimage_AR400X_REV4_IOT_hostless_unidev_dualband.bin
sdk_flash ../bin/raw_flashimage_AR401X_REV6_IOT_hostless_unidev_dualband.bin

sdk_flash ../bin/raw_flashimage_AR401X_REV6_IOT_MP2_hostless_unidev_singleband_bt_demo.bin

5. Wait until xt-gdb prints “sdk_flash is DONE”.
6. Reset the board.




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Posted: Wed, 2017-09-06 06:10

Also make sure you have the brown wire from the C232HM-DDHSL-0 JTAG cable connected to pin 10 of the JTAG header.  Depending on which document you have from Silex, that instruction may be missing.

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