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FastCV api detailed description for fcvGeomUndistortPoint2x1f32
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Posted: Fri, 2017-01-20 03:39

Hello All,

       I want to  make image processing algorithm on DSP which includes histogram, undistort etc. image processing elements. So i checked in '/Qualcomm/Hexagon_SDK/3.0/libs/fastcv/fastcv/hexagon_Debug_dynamic_toolv74_v62/fastcv.hit already has declarations for this in it.

Is there any document or example for FastCV, which can tell how to use this APIs? or Can anyone has used this type of APIs like 'fcvGeomUndistortPoint2x1f32' in which,

(1) const float32_t* __restrict xyDevice:

           This is argument 2 for this function and i dont know what it means by 'Input of the distorted 2D device coordinate (2 float values)' description.

                  * What is '2D device coordinate' ? Is it input image's coordinate? or somethine else?

(2) float32_t* __restrict xyCamera

         This is argument 3 for this function in which they say 'Output of the undistorted 2D camera coordinate (2 float values)'.

                * What is 'camera coordinate' ? 

If anyone has answer for this, kindly post.

Your help much appreciated.

Thanks in advance..!



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Posted: Tue, 2017-01-24 11:32

2D device coordinate is input image's coordinates , in pixels.

camera coordinate is in camera "optical" domain, they are physical disntance. You can think of coordinates without applying intrinsic matrix or intrinsic matrix is simply a identity matrix.  

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