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CSRMesh and model extension
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Posted: Thu, 2016-07-14 09:06

Hi all

I'm evaluating the CSRMesh platform for use in some of our products, our products are lights but have additional functions beyond R/G/B(W).

So far I've determined the following,

We can not use the supplied Light Model as it's not flexible enough to accomodate our needs.

We can not change or modify the Light Model as they are supplied binaries.

However I noted there is "Data Model" which allows for the passing of unstructured data, around this it is possible to build your own structure for your particular application, this appeared to be the solution to my problem.

However after reading the CSRMesh 2.0 User Guide I've found this

Data Model: Generic means to exchange unstructured and undisciplined data element. This model will be deprecated in future versions..

Can someone explain where CSR are heading with this, it seems strange for CSR to unilaterally decide how a customers application may (or not) work, and what capabilities it shall (or not) have.

My requirements are painfully simple, I just want some additional and different data-types, I must be missing something!

Thanks in advance


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Posted: Fri, 2016-07-15 10:19

The reason this notice is there is because Qualcomm are moving to standardize CSRmesh with the BT SIG as BT Mesh. Standardization only works when everything is compatible and interoperable. The data model effectively enables OEMs to build their own idea for specific control.  The SIG mesh proposes a set of standard base models with an "extension model" for customers to add their own secret sauce. Therefore the data model as we know it today will become standard model + extension in SIG mesh.

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