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Occasionally, there’s a feature that is thought to be too good to be true. In the case of Variable Rate Shading (VRS), it is the real deal! VRS is a feature that can result in huge performance and power benefits without compromising the visual quality of your game.
Co-written by Jonathan Wicks and Sam Holmes Virtual reality (VR) headsets immerse users by bringing the screen directly to the user’s eyes as two separate displays, one for each eye.
In our blog, Creating a new Reality for Smartphones with Spatial Computing, we introduced hubraum, a tech incubator run by
Given the amazing capabilities and advances in today’s smartphones, have you ever wondered what the next big evolution of these devices would look like?
We’ve teamed up with the IMGA (International Mobile Gaming Awards) to bring you a whitepaper on the 5G Future of Mobile Games.
Qualcomm products mentioned within this post are offered by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries.
Like most of us, your experience with human machine interaction (HMI) probably began with 2D computer desktop graphic user interfaces (GUIs).
Are you finding it expensive to move into mixed reality (MR) development? Nreal is showing that you don’t need to spend big bucks just to get started.
Mixed reality (XR) experiences like virtual meetings with holographic telepresence were once relegated to science fiction, but are now becoming a reality.
The Qualcomm® 3D Audio Plugin is a 360-degree spatial audio plugin for Unity. The 3D Audio Plugin is designed to integrate smoothly into any Unity project and provide superior performance on Qualcomm Snapdragon™-powered devices. It is ideal for XR and VR experiences. This Quick Start...


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