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Today’s intelligent IoT edge devices can utilize cellular and Wi-Fi to connect with the cloud for reliable high-bandwidth and low-latency connectivity. But incorporating wireless connectivity into your IoT device is more involved than simply integrating a radio module.
When it comes to gaming, we all want to win! Gamers want the best experiences, while game developers want to provide the best games and make revenue to develop even more great games.
Qualcomm® AI Stack is an end-to-end AI software offering that combines Qualcomm AI software capabilities within one unified software stack to support multiple product lines. The Qualcomm AI Stack helps to unify our existing AI software offerings, making them easier to use and more accessible to...
Wikipedia’s definition of augmented reality (AR) includes terms like “sensory modalities” and “somatosensory”, but don’t let that terminology intimidate you.
In many industrial settings, determining the current health of assets still involves a technician putting their ear to a machine to detect any ominous sound deviations.
Today at Microsoft Build 2022, Qualcomm Technologies is announcing that we are opening up our industry-leading Qualcomm AI Engine for Windows developers with the Qualcomm Neural Processing SDK for Windows.
There’s never a dull moment in the life of an embedded developer. They develop for different types of platforms with all sorts of software stacks, often on different OSs with vastly different architectures.
Hands up if you were on a video call this week? And keep your hands up if you got distracted by someone on the call typing, their dog barking, their kids playing, or other background noise. You were not alone.
We're providing this update in case you missed our earlier blog post, or maybe just need a quick refresher.
If you could design your dream Windows laptop or tablet, what features would be at the top of your list? Today, most users cite high performance, all-day/multi-day battery life, and persistent connectivity to the cloud from anywhere, as their top requirements.
We recently participated in the 36th annual Game Developers Conference (GDC), held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA, from March 21st to 25th.
While working in the oil and gas industry, mechanical engineer Omar Eleryan noticed that most of the visual equipment inspections performed by his colleagues required them to enter confined and often hazardous environments like pressure vessels.
Cellular-vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) is a technology that allows vehicles to communicate directly with one another.
When it comes to real-time edge computing augmented by cloud backends, there is perhaps no better mission-critical use cases than those found in medical technology or MedTech.
Even though mobile gaming represents the biggest and fastest growing gaming segment, today’s gamers are passionate about games regardless of the platform. And they’re demanding!
As the world of IoT evolves, today’s uses cases and verticals demand that processing be done at or near the device edge.
Whether you’re a professional or hobbyist developer, you likely have some side-projects to help you discover new technology, learn how it works, or build solutions to hopefully make life easier.


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