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Play Ball! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to visually experience what it’s like standing in the batter’s box at a Major League Baseball stadium?
We believe that lightweight headworn AR glasses are poised to become the next evolution of the smartphone.
Today, edge devices are everywhere, with tens of billions more expected to be deployed in the coming years.
What do on-demand language translation, self-driving cars, and video calls have in common? They’re all examples of today’s ubiquitous technology that was once the figment of science fiction (sci-fi).
For Linux developers who build low-level kernel and driver solutions, the open-source development model plays
We have conversations all the time with people trying to understand the business value of combining cloud computing and edge computing.
Augmented reality (AR) has evolved to the point where we think lightweight headworn AR glasses are poised to become the next evolution of the smartphone. This lets users view their surroundings overlaid with a rich digital view – all without having to look down at their smartphones.
You like running your machine learning (ML) workloads with the Qualcomm Adreno OpenCL ML SDK on Adreno GPUs.
In our recent blog post, The Architecture of Snapdragon Spaces, we discussed the features and benefits of our Snapdragon Spaces XR Developer Plat
Humans have always envisioned that someday robots could perform work we don’t want to do, or necessarily need to do in person (e.g., repetitive or dangerous tasks) because robots may be more efficient.
AR is poised to transform our conventional notions of reality across verticals that span consumer to enterprise. Downloadthe eBookToday, lightweight headworn AR devices backed by the processing power and connectivity of our smartphones, have the power to transform users from looking down at their...
The international embedded computing community marked its 20th anniversary with this year’s Embedded World conference in Nuremberg.
The World Health Organization reports that over 50% of vaccines worldwide are wasted.
Augmented World Expo (AWE) recently covered the latest news and exciting updates in augmented reality (AR).
Are you looking for ways to start your company’s robotics development? Or are you already developing robots, and you’re looking for ways to make them smarter? Either way, I have three words for you: Autonomous Mobile Robots
Augmented World Expo (AWE), an annual event showcasing the latest advancements in augmented reality (AR), recently covered everything from the latest hardware and tools to ethics and implications for humanity.
When you look at your robotics application, do you think of it as an “intelligent-edge use case?” Probably not, but that’s where it plays.


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