The 5G Future of Mobile Games

A new online report for developer opportunities in mobile games.

We’ve teamed up with the IMGA (International Mobile Gaming Awards) to bring you this 5G Future of Mobile Games eBook. In it you’ll find rich descriptions of how 5G is impacting mobile gaming and areas of opportunity for developers. It is also full of quotes from game industry influencers and game changers from companies like Supercell, Cotton, Activision, SuperEvilMegaCorp, and others who are excited by the future that 5G is bringing to mobile games.

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5G Future of Mobile Games Blog Series
These blogs take a deeper dive into the themes of cloud gaming, the future of storytelling (pervasive gaming) with AI in games, mobile multi-player gaming (MMP), mobile eSports, and extended reality (XR). There is also a bonus blog on the history of games going back to 2G. Learn how foundational technologies from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. helped support the innovation and rise of mobile gaming and how you can create new 5G gaming experiences today.

The History Before the 5G Future of Gaming

Before we head to the future, let’s walk through a brief history of mobile gaming and see some foundational technologies that helped advance the innovation.

How 5G is Changing the Game in the Cloud

Gaming is no longer just a thing of physical media, so this blog explores cloud gaming, and how 5G and cloud technologies are changing the game.

The Future of Storytelling, Pervasive Gaming, and AI in Games

The future of storytelling, pervasive gaming and AI in games is more compelling with the rollout of 5G, so this blog looks at how our technology can support game developers.

How 5G can Drive Mobile Multiplayer Gaming

There are several technical challenges to building a successful mobile multi-player game, so this blog explores how 5G is poised to help solve these challenges.

How 5G Will Drive Mobile eSports

eSports is big business. Advances in mobile communications technologies are ushering in a new generation of mobile eSports games, and this blog explores how 5G is helping to drive it.

Extended Reality with 5G

The growth of 5G should propel extended reality (XR) gaming development to new levels. In this blog, we explore how 5G could help you develop exceptional XR experiences.