Qualcomm Navigator

A product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

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Qualcomm Navigatorâ„¢ SDK is an autonomous, vision-supported flight controller SDK with related modules and tools. Featuring multiple different flight modes with varying levels of sophistication, Qualcomm Navigator is engineered to provide stable and aggressive flight for a host of applications. It includes several built-in sensor calibration procedures as well as automatic flight logging and real-time introspection tools along with post-processing log parsing capabilities.

It is designed to support the following high-level features:

  • Various flight modes, from manual (for expert pilots) to assisted modes (for novice pilots)
  • Fuses the machine vision SDK's VISLAM for stable flight
  • Fuses the machine vision SDK's DFS for visual obstacle avoidance
  • Wi-Fi-based flight control using drone controller app
  • C-API's to get telemetry and control the flight path