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GBM Support in gst plugins
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Posted: Wed, 2021-06-23 01:11


I am working on accessing UVC camera and doing ML processing(qtimletflite) and object detection overlay(qtioverlay) on same with tensorflow-lite/SNPE. As we cannot access UVC camera using qmmfsrc as it required cameraid, so i am using v4l2src to access usb camera.

UVC Camera is providing raw-data in YUY2/(image/jpeg) format which are not supported by qtimletflite/qtioverlay as it requires NV12/NV21, GBM Memory. Format conversion for raw frames can be handled with videoconvert, seems need to add support for GBM memory as well

Following pipleine fails when running

gst-launch-1.0 -v v4l2src device=/dev/video3 ! video/x-raw,width=176,height=144,framerate=30/1,format=YUY2 ! videoconvert ! qtimletflite config=/data/misc/camera/mle_tflite.config model=/data/misc/camera/detect.tflite labels=/data/misc/camera/labelmap.txt postprocessing=detection ! qtioverlay bbox-color=0x0000FFFF ! videoconvert ! waylandsink fullscreen=true

Error observed : 

** (gst-launch-1.0:4288): CRITICAL **: 00:45:03.771: gst_fd_memory_get_fd: assertion 'GST_IS_FD_ALLOCATOR (mem->allocator)' failed

in overlay element following errors are seen

06-03 00:45:03.771  4288  4292 D Overlay : CreateSurface: Ion memory allocated fd = 58

06-03 00:45:03.771  4288  4292 D Overlay : CreateOverlayItem:OverlayItem Type(3) Id(1) Created Successfully !
06-03 00:45:03.771  4288  4292 V Overlay : SyncStart: Enter
06-03 00:45:03.771  4288  4292 E Overlay : SyncStart: Failed first DMA_BUF_IOCTL_SYNC start
06-03 00:45:03.771  4288  4292 V Overlay : SyncStart: Exit
06-03 00:45:03.771  4288  4292 E Overlay : ApplyOverlay: c2dMapAddr failed!
Few claritication required based on above

1. qtimletflite and qtioverlay requires GBM memory support.

As per the documentation as below plugin src input can be in x-raw format and not require GBM

2. Please suggest documentation/information for incorporating GBM memory support in gst-plugin so that can modify gst-plugin for incorporating GBM memory support.


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