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ADC data sheet
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Posted: Mon, 2018-03-19 10:31


could you please provide more specific parameters for ADC than those given in QCA4010 System-on-Chip Device Specification


how the 1LSB is expressed in input voltage,

valid voltage ranges for conversion

impedance of an ADC input (I guess this might a capacitive one and dynamic depending sample rate)

proper order of initialization and calibration, so far I am using:

    A_STATUS status;
    status = qcom_adc_init((A_UINT8)GAIN_SCALE_1V8, (A_UINT8)12, ADC_FREQ_31P25_KHZ, (A_UINT8)SINGLE_ENDED, FALSE);
    if (status) {A_PRINTF("# Adc init failed %d\n", status); return;}
    status = qcom_adc_calibration(12, SINGLE_ENDED);
    if (status) {A_PRINTF("# Adc calibration failed %d\n", status); return;}
    status = qcom_adc_config(1, HW_TRIGGER_TIMER, 0, adcChannelsConfig, adcChannelsCount);
    if (status) {A_PRINTF("# Adc config failed %d\n", status); return;}
    status = qcom_adc_dma_config(0, adcChannelsCount);    // no threshold, just one sample per channel
    if (status) {A_PRINTF("# Adc dma config failed %d\n", status); return;}
    status = qcom_adc_timer_config(10, TIME_UNIT_10MS);
    if (status) {A_PRINTF("# Adc timer config failed %d\n", status); return;}

it does not return an error, but I am not confident with the conversion results.

Best regards

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