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Mesh, advertise event of CSR1010 is not recieved
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Posted: Sun, 2020-12-20 21:56


I am using a CSR1010 Development kit to listen to other CSR1010 advertisement and mesh data.


Test condition


- CSR1010 Development kit


- reference code > > CSRMeshLight

- SDK version :

- Project Propertis >

Output Type : Executable
Erase NVM : Yes
CS Key File : light_csr101x_A05.keyr
Libraries : csrmesh lightclient powerclient lightmodel powermodel firmwaremodel bearermodel batterymodel pingmodel attentionmodel streammodel 
Library Search Paths : ..\..\libraries
Include Paths : ..\..\include
Strip Symbols : No
Include OTA Update Bootloader : No
Version (OTA Update Bootloader) : 7



- light_csr101x_A05.keyr >

// (0001) - Bluetooth device address
&BDADDR = 1583 5b00 0072
// (0002) - Crystal frequency trim
//          Bit Field[0] = RANDOM_UUID_ENABLE
//          Bit Field[1] = RELAY_ENABLE
//          Bit Field[2] = BRIDGE_ENABLE
&USER_KEYS = 005A 0258 0007 0000 0000 0000 0000 0070
// Always set the nvm start to f7ff or higher when using OTA Upgrade
&NVM_SIZE = 0100
// Comment out the following block if EEPROM is used
// CS Keys values for 512kbit SPI Memory - These CS keys should be used if 
//                                         SPI Memory is being used.
//&spi_flash_block_size = 1000       // SPI flash block size in bytes(Hex)
//&nvm_num_spi_blocks   = 2          // Two blocks reserved for NVM
//&nvm_start_address = e000          // Default value(in hex) for a 512kbit
//                                   // Memory
//&nvm_size = 100                    // Default value(number of words for a
//                                   // 512kbit Memory


- Changes: csr_mesh_light.c > 

312 line: uint16 nwKeyForTesting[3][8] = {
    // {0xaa0f,0xcbed,0xdd11,0x988c,0xbb50,0x85cb,0x2dc5,0x09d1},
1089 line:    // init deviceId, assocState, networkKey
    g_node_data.device_id = 0x8001;
    Nvm_Write((uint16 *)&g_node_data.device_id1NVM_OFFSET_DEVICE_ID);

    g_lightapp_data.assoc_state = app_state_associated;
    Nvm_Write((uint16 *)&g_lightapp_data.assoc_state1,

    memcpy(g_node_data.nw_key.keynwKeyForTesting[0], sizeof(g_node_data.nw_key.key));
    Nvm_Write((uint16 *)g_node_data.nw_key.keysizeof(CSR_MESH_NETWORK_KEY_T), 



When turned on for the first time, the reference board receives mesh data and LED turns on and off well.

But, the reference board can't recieve any more after a random time(1hour ~ 2day). In other words, LED on/off does not work.

In other symptoms, The reference board is not scaned more on my smart phone.

When I put the Debug message, the board did not die. Even Mesh data can transmit.(recieve X)


Do you know this problem?
Or you know how to reboot when a problem occurs?


Please help.




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