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Another compiler bug? 16/32-bit arithmetic
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Posted: Wed, 2016-12-07 14:47

This is a bug report concerning compiler errors when manipulating 16-bit values that may result in a 32-bit result.

I have code that converts a Bluetooth time and date representation (Date Time characteristic UUID 0x2A08) into seconds since 1 January 2000, for subsequent time/date arithmetic. I am re-using code that works on other platforms, and which finishes with this:

*seconds = (i * 86400) + (buf[4] * 3600) + (buf[5] * 60) + buf[6] + 1;

where i is the number of days since 1/1/2000 and buf[4], buf[5] and buf[6] are hours, minutes and seconds from the BLE Date Time characteristic. seconds is a uint32 and buf[] is unit8.

The code works for hours up till 6pm but fails at 7pm. It turns out that 6pm is 18*3600=64,800 (<2^16) but 7pm is 19*3600=68,400 (>2^16). It is apparent that the compiler fails to perform arithmetic correctly when (buf[4] * 3600) exceeds 16 bits.

The following refactored code works correctly:

    *seconds = (i * 86400);
    *seconds += ((uint32) buf[4]) * 3600;
    *seconds += (buf[5] * 60) + buf[6] + 1;

Is CSR aware of this bug? Is CSR concerned about this bug? What other compiler bugs exist? Are they documented? Does anyone from CSR monitor this forum? I have not received any comments on my earlier CSR1010 compiler bug post:

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