Reducing Cybersickness in Virtual Reality

As a developer or designer of XR and specifically virtual reality (VR) experiences, you not only want to create a compelling and exciting concept, you also want to create a great experience for your user. With great power to create these experiences, comes great responsibility to ensure the user has an enjoyable experience!

Some level of discomfort due to motion sickness often occurs while being immersed in a VR environment, and continues to be one of the largest barriers to VR adoption. In the context of VR, this is often referred to as “cybersickness” and is experienced by many VR users. Download
the eBook
Even after decades of research, experts are still trying to fully understand its casual mechanisms and develop definitive theories around its roots. Thankfully there are techniques to reduce cybersickness that developers can employ while creating their VR experience.

In this eBook we look at what cybersickness is, including its symptoms and physiology, the most common causes, and techniques that VR developers and designers can use to reduce or eliminate it.